Private I (Or Restarting a Webcomic But Being Scared No One Will Care)

February 05, 2018

I'll be the first to admit that the prospect of putting Grave Impressions on hiatus back in - what was it? 2014? 2015? I can't even remember any more tbh - was probably one of the scariest things I've done in my work career. (Other than Cassius but that's another blog post for another time.) I felt like if we had to tell the world that we needed to take a break - no one would understand. But to my surprise, everyone was really nice about it! So Ann and I took our break and I thought - at last, we'll finally be able to get a backlog of pages created so we can stop worrying so much about running this as a hand-to-mouth system like we had been over the last year.

There had been a lot going on behind the scenes of Grave Impressions. A lot of people, when I talk to them about it - about how having a third person in the middle of a writer/artist couple didn't really go over well in the long run - always have the same thing to say:

I didn't know a third person was involved in Grave Impressions!

She was. And she's not any more. And while it's always upsetting when friendships dissolve (especially in the middle of a money making venture, because then things just get even more awkward), Ann and I had to get back on track with the comic. But we realized that having a third person's input in something we had created ourselves had brought the entire concept completely off-track. We were, essentially, telling a story we had never actually wanted to tell. And it involved a lot of things we were actually uncomfortable with (things that never made it to the comic because it was written so far out in the script). Honestly, I don't blame anyone for it getting to that point - looking back on everything, we all could have handled things a lot better and differently, but that's in the past now and it just has to be ok that things went the way they did.

After trying to relaunch our comic again and finding neither of us to be really invested in either the art style or the story - which just ended up being a rehash of the first comic, Ann and I had to take a huge step back and ask ourselves - what exactly did we want to create?

And though it took a while, last December, we relaunched our queer noir mystery webcomic as Private I.

So now comes the hard part - trying to get people invested in our work once more. And though I know it's going to take a lot of consistency on our part before people trust that we won't abandon them on a story they were attached to - I'm looking forward to getting the chance to prove how fun and exciting this comic will be!

I guess what I'm trying to say is - if you're an old fan of our work, I hope you'll give this reincarnation a chance! It's a big risk that Ann and I are taking, going back to an old project instead of moving on, but we're not just doing it for other people. We're both invested in this story we came up with a long time ago while sitting in rush-hour Atlanta traffic - and it only seems like now that we finally have the resources to tell it.

I guess I'm saying we're doing this for us - and I guess it's about time!

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