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This is the story of Junia, a woman cursed with the legendary mark of Cassius, said to bring about great change to the once peaceful region of Latium. Thrust into a world of intrigue, murder and fate, Junia must find a way to survive by discovering the secret to her curse, and revealing the identity of Caesar. It's Shakespeare's Julius Caesar meets a Game-Of-Thrones style epic!

Written by Emily Willis and Art by Ann Uland
32 pages - Digital Copy.

Read What People Are Saying About Cassius!

"Cassius takes a fresh and imaginative position within the genre. Junia is no wide-eyed ingénue, but a smart and confident woman who thinks she knows exactly what she wants." - Girls Like Comics

"Willis and Uland are a wildly ambitious pair who seem to have no interest whatsoever in playing it safe with their offerings. It’s abundantly clear to me that they want to start their careers by exceeding the expectations and conventional wisdom of the industry, which is exactly the kind of new voices we need." - The RainbowHub

"I love history, I love Shakespeare, and I love dynamic female characters. Cassius has all of these things in scads, which pleases me immensely." - GeekGirlCon Blog

"It harkens back to a less campy Xena and a more historically accurate Game of Thrones with a story which fans of either will relish! Cassius in Latin means 'empty, vain' [but] this remarkable story is anything but!" - The Good Men Project

"More mystery is established than answered in this first issue, but it’s meaty, and I like the character designs. Junia, particularly, is inspiring." - Comics Worth Reading

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