Cassius Issue 2 || Digital Download

Arbitrary Muse Comics

When Junia discovers a dark secret related to Caius' murder, no one can be trusted. As Junia struggles to gain her bearings and accept the fate she's been given, the mysterious army marches onward - but does one soldier do so willingly?

Written by Emily Willis, Cover/Layout/Lettering by Ann Uland, Art by Cat Batka
32 pages - PDF

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"Not surprisingly, my favorite part is the diversity of characters that abounds within the comic’s digital pages. It’s very, very long overdue and so refreshing to see people of color, LGBTIQ* individuals and people of varying abilities and size, without having the narrative call attention to this fact. It’s wonderful just to see so much representation just being there and normalized as part of the story." - GeekGirlCon Blog

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